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2011 Blues Music Awards
Raphael Wressnig in Riga
Larry Garner in Vilnius
Nellie Travis in Riga
Latvian Blues band - 10
Big Daddy WILSON
2010 Blues Music Awards
Twoj Blues - 10lat
Boney Fields in Riga
Boo Boo Davis
Pine Leaf Boys in Latvia
Eric Bibb in Palanga
Steve Guyger in Riga
Lynne Jordan in Riga
Mike Welch in Riga
Jerry Portnoy in Riga
Eric Sardinas in Riga
Nina van Horn in Riga
Michael Burks in Riga
Joe Bonamassa in Vilnius
4th Delta Groove Blues Revue
2009 Blues Music Award
Jolly Jumper & Big Moe in Riga
Nick MOSS in Riga
Wayne Baker BROOKS in Riga
Blues calendar 2009
Rock&Roll - Pete Anderson
Lucky Peterson in Vilnius
John MAYALL in Vilnius
3rd Delta Groove Blues Revue
2008 Blues Music Award
Tad ROBINSON in Riga
Chris REA in Riga
Coco MONTOYA in Riga
Bryan FERRY in Riga
Chick COREA & Bela FLACK
Gary MOORE in Riga
Blues Caravan 2008
Elton JOHN in Riga
Tommy CASTRO Band
B.B.KING - 81
Blues portraits
Latvian Blues band
Linda Leen

Gallery: NATURE
Autumn in Lucerne
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
Langkawi, Malaysia
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
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Gallery: NATURE
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